Emgraft Healthcare Data Protection

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution 

Simplex Medical SFT

Medical field has the responsibility not only for the provision of healthcare services but also ensuring patience's privacy. Emgraft Systems solutions for medical field ensure patients information are secure, enable large imaging files and enhances cybersecurity protocol.


  • Meeting RMIT regulations. 

Key Features

  • Unidirectional data transfer via industrial grade fiber-optic LC connector

  • Sinkholes all duplex communications eliminating critical data leaks

  • Secure remote monitoring, share data from classified industrial network to external office network 

  • Performing at hardware level, Simplex System is immune to software threats 

  • Simple architecture is suitable for easy deployment at complex industrial networks

  • Supports multiple protocols matching your communication requirements

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Making a difference in SCADA & DCS protection

SCADA & DCS systems risks

SCADA & DCS with vital assets & infrastructure are high value target if compromised will enable hackers to gain command and control of the system, manipulate data and steal information. 


Common ICS protection weakness

Air gapping concept of total segregation of the operational network from office network is impractical, as it slows down the operations and process of data exchange. Whereas relying on firewall solution loosens security in exchange for workflow, exposing your data to risks.

Connected, Secure and Accurate 

Simplex System SCADA & DCS protection

1. Guaranteed one-way data transfer

Simplex Systems enables physically isolated critical environments (for instance oil and gas infrastructure, financial data centres and secret agencies) to safely transfer data to low-security networks without exposing the critical network. Simplex Systems provides seamless protection to industrial networks by giving the ability to share data with office networks while allowing to monitor the operational technology without the risk of data leaks and network attacks.

2. Hardware based solution

Simplex Systems is hardware-enforced cyber defense ​solution that cannot be hacked or penetrated. Industrial grade fiber-optic LC connector comes in a single strand which lets data flow only one way and prevents back flow of information. Simplex Systems sinkhole any duplex communications and is immune to software backdoor attacks via TCP/IP connection. 

3. Real time replication from source scheme

See what's going on in your operational environment in real time. Simplex Systems provides live data by fast transfer with low latency and allows to monitor a branch while keeping networks separated. Install Simplex Systems appliance with 2 accompanied transmitter and receiver side servers which are monitored via friendly web interface. Only selected data is replicated to transmitter side, passing through Sandbox and in no time arrives at receiver’s end. This evades attackers from accessing the real server, keeping the operations and critical assets away from risk of being manipulated. 

4. Supports multiple protocol

While protection is important, how about practicality?  Luckily, Simplex Systems supports long list of TCP/IP protocols such as RTP, RTSP, SMTP/S, IMAP/S, SFTP, DNS, static HTTP/S and many more to communicate downstream. Simplex protocol carves up the data into Ethernet Frame and sends them across to the other side that reassembles the datagrams and initiates a new connection to the eventual destination. ICS systems use various protocols to transfer data (Modbus, BACnet, EtherNet, OMRON FINS and many more) and Simplex Systems is compatible with  specific need and capacity.  

With industrial production being so important to the economy, the industry often falls victim to cyber attacks. Discover how Simplex System can secure upstream assets, build a defendable ICS environment, and enabling safe transfer of data between OT and IT networks.

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