Secure your SCADA with Simplex Systems

SCADA within your network

Simplex Systems delivers organisations of all sizes the ability to connect easily with their customers and build effective customer relationships. With Simplex, you can empower your agents with the information they need to rapidly answer queries and use intelligent skills-based routing to ensure each customer reaches the right agent every time.
A key benefit of Simplex Systems is the ability to manage PLC, stand alone and SCADA communication requests in a single environment, allowing streamlining of your operations with data assurance. 
For a decade Simplex Systems has positioned to be at the forefront of architectural , delivering integrated customer contact solutions that scale to meet the needs of any business.

Prevent your SCADA from being hacked

To make things easier to control, the use of digital data becoming an integral part of business and increasingly integrated into all interconnected systems. High profile industries often fall prey to cyber attacks by damage caused by a hacker or computer virus aimed to erase data or malfunction equipments or infrastructure. In order to protect your assets and operation from cyber threats, organisation needs to rethink traditional solutions and place next generation cyber-security technology to defend industrial control systems.

Major threats for ICS 

  • Stolen intellectual property of gas field exploration chart.

  • Disruptive attacks on SCADA and ICS that sit out side of traditional security walls.

  • Hacker gaining full control of SCADA system to control energy, oil & gas, chemical and transportation sector.

  • Issues with traditional solutions: Air-gap introduce delay, any (software) firewall can be hacked, data leakage and infection of malware and viruses.  


  • Simplex Systems eliminates dangerous remote code execution holes.

  • 100 % data assurance. 

  • Transfer real time data one way

  • Hardware based solution eliminating all software base vulnerability.


Simplex System data diode one way characteristic allows you to monitor your operational technology but ensure that all cyber attacks are unsuccessful. Unlike software solutions, it is a hardware based ​solution that cannot be hacked. 

  • Based on a light emitter and a light receiver: two-way data transfer in front, one-way data transfer behind

  • The Simplex system data diode is placed between your key critical infrastructure (e.g. BOP, drilling equipment, thrusters, etc.) and your IT / corporate (office) network for monitoring.

  • Complete replication from source schema

  • High availability and historical backfill capabilities

  • Support multiple protocol - Modbus, OPC UA, DNP3 and many more ICS protocol.

System Setup

The recommended set-up includes the Simplex Systems hardware unit and a proxy server on each side of the unit in order to convert bi-directional protocols into a one-way protocol (on the upstream side) and vice versa (on the downstream side). These proxy servers are equipped with turnkey software solutions to hook into environments and provide secure one-way data transfer from production networks to a corporate environment.

The DataDiode solution consists of the following elements:

  • 2 historians - 1 historian to collect the original data and 1 replicator historian that can be accessed remotely

  • 2 proxy servers - On both ends of the DataDiode hardware

  • DataDiode hardware - The core  hardware-based security solution


Data Assurance

Simplex is the solution of choice for organisations across Malaysia, due to its ease of use, flexibility and impressive feature range.

Choose the best unidirectional network device for your business operations

S/C 300X


Simplex Cube 

For IoT devices, sensors, security machines etc.

  • Ensure device uptime, protect IoT devices and its application is unlimited to your imagination for IoT. 

  • Added to device to defend against device highjacking 

  • Applicable to USB or Ethernet secure file transfer.

  • As a communication module for small or medium size devices. eg: cameras, robots, drones.

Simplex Switch 

For multi device controllers in security, SCADA, monitoring network etc. 

  • SCADA protection to multiple devices, making mass data delivery and collection uninterrupted.

  • Multi device protection to keep operations and sensors up.

  • Built for securing Internet Protocol (IP) enabled devices or machinery

  • Applied in surveillance, building security, manufacturing controllers.




Simplex Diode 

For data centers, high performance area, critical infrastructure etc.

  • Defending multirole communications and canceling disruptive interceptions between your agency to outside agencies.

  • Used in defence industry and high impact industry for mission application.

  • Protects connection of IT to TO in sensitive industrial systems.

  • Used in utility facilities such as dams, oil rigs, utility sectors, classified government organisation.

SIMPLEX Switch 8

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