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Opportunities with Emgraft

Powering Business IT & Solutions

“… a powerful and reliable way to exchange sensitive data while safeguarding it from online and physical threats”

What is Emgraft Business Partner Program

Emgraft provides our Business Partners with business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support so you can expand your service offering to provide both BMT secure email solution and SSPRS password manager solutions. This gives you the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream in an already security-conscious market, creating even more stickiness and trust with your customers. 


With the rapid transition from traditional IT infrastructure to even more sophisticated and high data load systems, Emgraft addresses the key need for ensuring that business and personal data are certifiably protected at both frontline and at backend in active environments. In doing so, organizations can achieve data assurance and security compliance with auditors.

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Be a Business Partner with Emgraft Program

All contracted Emgraft Business Partners have access to the following program benefits.

Certification & Training


  • Ongoing Sales Training

  • Technical Pre-& Post-Sales Trainings

  • Software-as-a-Service Certification

Technical Resources & Support


  • Strategy Consulting

  • Implementation Assurance

  • System Integration & Product Development

  • Technical Online Resources & Assistance

Marketing & Sales Enablement


Emgraft  provides a start-to-close partner support to help partners nurture leads and grow revenue, through co-branded sales and marketing material, pre-packaged campaigns, integrated social media, website syndication and much more!

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