Unidirectional security gateway protecting critical data and classified networks

Next Generation Network Security



One-way communication Imposed by physical disconnection of Transmitter and Receiver routers eliminates attacks from external networks.

Sinkholes duplex communications

Foolproof protection from duplex and non-routable connections initiated to classified network. 

Support Multi Protocols 

RFC-compliant with IPv4 and IPv6 solution. Supports most of Industrial Control System protocols and TCP/IP-supported protocols.




Receives data from the real server, analyzes for viruses and sends to service platform over secure connection, eliminating DoS and jamming.

Why Simplex Systems?

Operational cost and efficiency

Simplex Systems can be managed via user-friendly interface, no complex configurations required. Vulnerability costs are reduced and your organization gets value for money and performance.

Connect to disconnect

Simplex Diode hardware is connected by a single strand of fiber optic cable between Transmitter and Receiver router. It can transmit data one way, whereas receiver router is physically incapable of sending back any data,  ensuring physical disconnection, or air-gap.

High performance appliances

Simplex Systems appliances  support high-availability with active-passive cluster. It protects from equipment failures and does not require content transformation.


Centric Protection 

Unidirectional communication guarantees that data is being transferred in one way only, enforced by a single fiberoptic to give you flow control, error detection and error correction. This ensuring that data delivery is reliable in highly secure network to prevent operational failure by cyber attacks.

As attacks are becoming more agile in software, we've developed Simplex Systems with hardware enforced protection that goes beyond (industrial) firewall's capabilities by eliminating back flow of data and creating total system isolation to protect operating technology (OT) and internet technology (IT) from infiltrations. 

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Simplex Architecture in Action

Unidirectional Network 

Simplex Systems is able to guarantee 

information security by only allowing data to travel in one uncompromisable direction.


This is a network appliance used in high security industry such as defense, but now available to enterprises to protect critical systems and highly sensitive assets enabling uninterrupted 


Result of this approach is a network that allows connection with different security classification letting high security networks (trusted) with low security networks (untrusted)  restrict access of untrusted networks and protect organisation confidentiality. 


Best Security Solutions for Business Services.


Simplex Systems was voted the most innovative solution to solve the increasing cyber attack & disruption businesses are facing in Asia Pacific.  


Choose the best unidirectional network device for your business operations


Simplex Cube 

For IoT devices, sensors, security machines etc.

  • Ensure device uptime, protect IoT devices and its application is unlimited to your imagination for IoT. 

  • Added to device to defend against device highjacking 

  • Applicable to USB or Ethernet secure file transfer.

  • As a communication module for small or medium size devices. eg: cameras, robots, drones.

Simplex Switch 

For multi device controllers in security, SCADA, monitoring network etc. 

  • SCADA protection to multiple devices, making mass data delivery and collection uninterrupted.

  • Multi device protection to keep operations and sensors up.

  • Built for securing Internet Protocol (IP) enabled devices or machinery

  • Applied in surveillance, building security, manufacturing controllers.



Simplex Diode 

For data centers, high performance area, critical infrastructure etc.

  • Defending multirole communications and canceling disruptive interceptions between your agency to outside agencies.

  • Used in defence industry and high impact industry for mission application.

  • Protects connection of IT to TO in sensitive industrial systems.

  • Used in utility facilities such as dams, oil rigs, utility sectors, classified government organisation.


Industry Applications

Manufacturing & engineering
Corporate information systems
Financial industry

Hardware, operating system and software. 

Advance security systems in the form of diode, air-gap technique and smart clone  to create 4 layers of protection and still able to perform fast data transfer.

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