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Meeting the communication needs of enterprises, protecting your data and securing your business.



Secure File Transfer Email Solution


Enterprise Secure File Synchronising and Sharing 

BIG MAIL TRANSFER, secure multi-tenant file sharing solution gives you a single pane-of-glass view for managing your clusters across on-premise and cloud environments.

Safe and swift. BMT yields safety of critical business information, as opposed to typical 3rd party file transfer services. All BMT data is stored in company's own server (physical or virtual). Recipients retrieve attachments via secure HTTPS and AES tunnels.

BMT allows your team to share up to 32GB of your BIG IDEAS directly from company's existing e-mail client via secure hyperlinks. Unburden your mail server and send BIG DEETS without dragging upload period. We know running a business requires you to work in scale and speed.

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Data Diode


Learn how data diode can benefit critical control systems

A ONE-WAY data transfer hardware solution with secure Sandbox for segregation of classified networksSimplex Systems is designed to protect mission critical applications by enforcing one way data flow between High-Security and Low-Security networks.

Simplex Systems defends your assets by physics with its state-of-art hardware design. Sandbox agents and operating system provide additional software layers of protection to prevent data manipulations and attacks on data server.

Simplex Diode, Simplex Cube and Simplex Switch are tailored for diverse missions. Simplex Diode is designed for secure file transfer, Simplex Cube and Switch are built as secure communication modules for IoT devices. These three variants have broad implementation in Defense, Finance, Oil&Gas, Transportation, Government and other sectors of economy.

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BMT for your company
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Simplex for your company
Unidirectional gateway unique architecture moves data one way, blocking out 100% back flow of information.
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SSPRS for your company
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2-FA Password Manager

SSPRS stands for Self-Service Password Reset System, which provides 2-FA secured facility for users to reset their passwords and retrieve forgotten usernames without need to burden administrator and save precious time.


SSPRS enables password reset anytime, anywhere. Simplistic passwords impose risk of gaining unauthorized access to business information. However, complex passwords are often forgotten or written down on sticky notes, which leads to account lockouts or exposing passwords to prying eyes. SSPRS enforces strong credential policies to eliminate poor password hygiene.


Equilibrium of account security and user convenience. SSPRS is a practical, user-oriented, web-based password management facility that significantly reduces account lockout-related queries, reducing administrator workload. Multi-tenancy allows SSO to multiple accounts at a time and supports most types of servers.

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App Design & Development


System Integration
Maintenance Services 

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Technical Resources & Support


  • Strategy Consulting

  • Implementation Assurance

  • System Integration & Product Development

  • Technical Online Resources & Assistance

Marketing & Sales Enablement


Emgraft  provides a start-to-close partner support to help partners nurture leads and grow revenue, through co-branded sales and marketing material, pre-packaged campaigns, integrated social media, website syndication and much more!

Certification & Training


  • Ongoing Sales Training

  • Technical Pre-& Post-Sales Trainings

  • Software-as-a-Service Certification

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