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Self- Service Password Management

SSPRS stands for Self- Service Password Reset System, manage users password whenever they forget which one was it and it's built for security fortitude.  

SSPRS is a practical, user-oriented, web-based password management facility that significantly reduces account lockout-related queries, reducing administrator workload.


Self-Service Password Reset System

Typically a business manager could have over 27 password to remember over multiple accounts and applications. This often leads to account lockout and down time due to long waits from busy company admins.


SSPRS is here to solve it.

Enabling password authentication anytime, anywhere.

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Enterprise File Synchronising and Sharing 

BIG MAIL TRANSFER On-Prem Data Centre solution gives you a single pane of glass view for managing your clusters across on-premise and cloud environments.


Running a large organisation requires you to work at scale, BMT allows your team to share your BIG IDEAS in and take big steps up to 32Gb per email. 


Rather than relying solely on SMTP to send emails , the emails sent via BMT contains a secure link that connects back to BMT server. This allows recipients to retrieve attachments via secure HTTPS and AES tunnel. 

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Data Communication Control and Protection 

SIMPLEX SYSTEMS is designed for businesses and organizations that handle critical information with the public, protecting operational technology that sends information out from classified networks to unclassified networks.

With Simplex's state-of-the-art hardware, operating system and software this solution protects classified operational networks. This solution connects classified operating networks  by design only allows unidirectional data flow stopping unwanted connections. 


Simplex Systems comes in three variants;

Simplex Diode designed for mission critical applications 

Simplex Cube tailored for USB and/or Ethernet secure file transfer

Simplex Switch designed for securing multiple Internet Protocol (IP) enabled cameras.

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