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Powerful Authentication: Reset your password anytime & anywhere.

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Reduce workload 

Free your admin  from low ROI task

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Enforce Security

Maintaining company  password policy.

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Faster workers 

Allowing employees to overcome account lock out themselves.


Empower your employee to work remote. Did you know that you can significantly reduce your expenditures by optimising your company’s identity and access management processes and structure?


  • You have concerns that too many people have access to sensitive business information.

  • Access right structures in the various systems are not transparent or safe.

  • Increasing burden to conform to authorities’ requirements and regulations.

Do the following issues sound familiar to you?

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Data breaches comes from weak & stolen passwords. 


Of users forget their password and get locked out.


Do not change their assigned default password.


Simple, intuitive and strong. 

An integration of  user-ability experience, smart controls and 2-FA into a tool to create more layers of information protection and efficient workflow.

SSPRS 2 factor authentication login

Logged in within a minute.

  1. Press "Forgot password".

  2. Enter mobile number/ alternative email.

  3. Receive verification sms/email

  4. Enter new password and your versification code.

  5. Logged in.

Reduces account locked out time or avoid account lock out all together. Enables users to move to their next task faster. 

Improve efficiency by reducing admin’s work and waiting cost.

(This is based on SSPRS default process)

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Reset password, unlock account.  

Be verified without the  previous password or weak security questions. Your handphone or second e-mail  are all you need which makes SSPRS an incredible tool to enforce security, simple  and achieve productivity.

SSPRS Password Complexity

Password complexity is an important building blocks in information security. SSPRS can enforce that for you.


Manage security level through automation by enforcing corporate policy including: password complexity, blacklisting usernames or passwords, as if combination contains certain restricted words.

SSPRS stores all log trails, feature that ensures auditing and accountability can be referenced in an event of investigation or research. Helping company to be able to deliver data like user's daily usage and user behaviour. 

SSPRS modules available for 

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Powerful Authentication

Reset anytime and anywhere.

Solution proudly used by various Malaysian government agencies and SMEs in keep IT environment safe.

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Ask us or our distributors and business partners on how we can integrate SSPRS into your organization information security system or download a datasheet for more information.

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