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Top IT Infrastructure products overview

From secure large file transfer and sharing to password manager systems and software, get the building blocks of a next-generation IT enhancement.

Find the right product for your company.

Become a partner 
in BMT email
& SSPRS solutions

BMT : Secure email solution for your customer

Business case:

In all business, informations are being shared on free public infrastructure which are a risk to data leaks and exposes IT departments to cyberattacks.


If you have client (service provider) that handles sensitive information of clients, Emgraft can help you guarantee data assurance and productivity in your email systems. Emgraft BMT secure email solutions can be used by enterprise and government in the following situations:


  • Need large file transfer up to 32GB per transfer

  • Exclusive file sharing (file locking)

  • Avoiding duplication of data on Microsoft Exchange

  • Protection of classified information with encryption

  • Meeting RMiT regulations

  • Technology upgrade projects for government 

  • Data center communication protection

SSPRS : Password manager for your customer

Business case:

Especially in a fast paced business environment, account lockouts caused by forgotten passwords is a daily occurance, resulting in long waiting time before front desk support have time to respond.


Emgraft can help any business with password security measures that has an LDAP integrated will benefit from SSPRS by enabling employees to reset their password safely and easily using their mobile device. Ensuring that operations will not be hindered by account lock outs caused by password security protocols.


  • Improve frontline operational experience

  • Avoiding account lock outs during emergencies

  • Active directory password reset

  • Unlock and reset without front desk intervention

  • Meeting RMiT regulations

  • Differentiate your offering in technology upgrade projects

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